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Michael Jackson.

2009-06-26 15:27:13 by jack-attack

You all know the king of pop died. i have made a tribute to him. search my flashes.
Thanks for all the nice reviews!


Im BAck!

2009-06-02 16:07:52 by jack-attack

Hey, been gone a WHILE will be back to regular stuff tho.

new account

2008-09-18 16:30:44 by jack-attack

i switched to dj-system

new account!

2008-09-12 14:39:12 by jack-attack

i have a new account! its called: system-32

happy clock day!

2008-08-15 08:23:37 by jack-attack

happy clock day guys! i could make a flash cuz i didnt know that it was today! lol

populat thread!

2008-08-01 13:21:14 by jack-attack

pop. thread

my thread has apprx. 73 posts!

"%uE000%uE001 %uE002%uE003 %uE004 %uE001%uE005%uE001%uE002%uE003"


2008-07-21 13:15:26 by jack-attack

My activity log:

05/04/08 submitted first audio
25/06/08 recieved town watch
19/07/08 recieved level 7
21/07/08 made one of my audio score 4.49
21/07/08 voted 0 on UR STILL A FAG!!!!!!!!
21/07/08 wrote a review on UR STILL A FAG!!!!!!!!


screw the cpu mix!

2008-06-21 10:47:35 by jack-attack

im movin on to fruityloops!

i have 1 song i made in fruity loops, the others dont even remember!

screw the cpu mix!


2008-05-19 10:50:02 by jack-attack

hey, working on a new computer audio mix, having difficulty saving as mp3. but hopefully it should be done by the end of may!